In 1995, Shulman created  a separate Transportation Division  to assist our salespeople and other companies with their trucking needs. Neil Monzeglio brought his strong trucker relationships and his organizational expertise to Shulman Produce Shipper and became our Transportation Manager.

Neil skillfully supervises each load and  works around the clock to ensure that we always have a truck available when needed. Strong relationships are key to success in every aspect of our industry and Neil has “cornered the market” in that area.  He has strong ties with a long list of truckers that he’s been working with for many years.

We're not limited to the east coast and will ship into any of the 48 states as long as we have a full truck load. We also offer the flexibility to combine drops. Please contact our Transportation Division for  quotes or with any questions at 1-607-263-5712 or 516-938-5980.