JERRY’S PRIDE, our premier Long Island potato, has been on the market for over 50 years.  The JERRY’S PRIDE label means the highest quality round white potatoes available on the East Coast of the U.S.


We pack  JERRY’S PRIDE potatoes in our own packing facility on the North Fork of Long Island, in Cutchogue.  Our potatoes are grown by farmers who grow exclusively for us.

This allows us total quality control as to what goes into our package and what does not. Our customers know that they can buy Jerry's Pride potatoes with confidence.  We became GAP/GHP certified in 2017  with the USDA --we are the first/only potato packer on Long Island to stake that claim! Our packing facility has passed recertification each year


For select customers arrangements can be made to pack in their own private label.



For almost 40 years we have been packing potatoes on the east end of Long Island. Our packing facility, which we own and operate, is located in Cutchogue, L.I., strategically located near the North Fork potato farmers.


The top quality farmers potatoes that we pack are grown solely for us. These farmers bring potatoes to our shed in bulk farm trucks with motorized conveyors on the floor. The potatoes are carried via conveyor into our packing shed to be washed, sorted and packed into 5 lb. and 10 lb. poly or paper bags. Our packing plant also has a cooling facility for potatoes harvested in the hot months of the season.


For almost 20 years Walter Zilnicki, Jr., from a prestigious L.I. farming family, has been our Operations  Manager . Walter ensures that our team carefully unloads the potato trucks, washes, and packs different varieties of potatoes grown by our local Long Island farmers. Walter and his crew at the plant all strive to ensure that the potatoes being packed are subjected to the strictest quality assurance standards.

Additionally, we sell local farmers only the very best quality seed potatoes from Maine, New York, Wisconsin and Canada. This helps us ensure that only the finest potatoes are grown on Long Island

Jerry Shulman Produce Shipper, Inc. is proud to maintain their competitive advantage and to be the only independent potato packer based on Long Island. We started to pack at our facility in August and are looking forward to having our Jerry's Pride potatoes in stores typically through late February.