Happy New Year, 2016!! Cold temps this week (finally, right?) could finish off the local vegetables (still had some cabbage, collards and kale being cut last week). So we may only have potatoes, locally, to sell. Farmers are talking about and making some purchases of seed potatoes for next season. You always have to plan for the next planting season!


While the lights and heat are running, we are doing our part to be "self sufficient" with our solar panels. We have had them up for almost 5 years now and our electric bills have dropped from over $1000/month to about $200/month. Let the sun shine!!! See below for our posting about the installation of the solar panels.



Shulman has made  inroads in "green initiatives". We have installed an 80 panel photo-voltaic/solar system to supply electric for our packing facility in Cutchogue, Long Island. With the help of our solar panel vendor, P2P Energy Solutions, we obtained grants from the  US Dept. of  Agriculture as an agricultural small business, the Federal Government and LIPA. See the video to learn about our acquisition and how you can go green, too!