2023-- forging ahead.

In March, 2021 Diane attended a Cleaning and Sanitizing Workshop organized by Cornell Cooperative Extension, which focused on assessing which surfaces/work areas need to be cleaned/sanitized and how frequently. We also addressed how to incorporate that step into our daily/weekly packing and cleaning routine.

As of late Dec. 2017 we became  GAP & GHP CERTIFIED (Good  Agricultural and Good Handling Practices)  by the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and have been recertified each year since.

Diane Shulman attended multiple preparatory sessions with local farmers to create a Food Facility plan which includes procedures for emergencies, traceability and hygiene.

Diane worked closely with the USDA inspectors to write a viable plan-- a manual which  explains  practices/procedures for  the high standards expected at the packing facility in Cutchogue. Check our links for the GAP/GHP certificate.

Diane also worked closely with our foreman, Walter,  to implement safety and food safety plans for our packing facility. Prior to our opening this year  ( because of COVID-2020) we created  distancing and safety protocols for our employees--masks, face shields, gloves and hand sanitizer provided by Cornell Cooperative all are part of our program to keep our employees healthy and safe.

  Our food safety program/outline is updated each year prior to our reinspection for GAP/GHP recertification.

Shulman has made  inroads in "green initiatives". We have  an 80 panel photo-voltaic/solar system to supply electric for our packing facility in Cutchogue, Long Island. With the help of our solar panel vendor, P2P Energy Solutions, we obtained grants from the  US Dept. of  Agriculture as an agricultural small business, the Federal Government and LIPA. See the video to learn about our acquisition and how you can go green, too!